Our Company

Through our subsidiaries, Southern Rewinding, Magnetech Industrial Services, Inc., and Calumet Armature Electric we provide electrical and mechanical solutions to customers both in the United States and abroad. Historically, our subsidiaries were owned by MISCOR Group, Ltd. In September 2013, MISCOR Group, Ltd. was merged with and into a wholly-owned subsidiary of IES Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: IESC). More information on the merger can be found at ies-co.com.

Through Southern Rewinding and Magnetech, IES Infrastructure Solutions provides industrial maintenance and repair services for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electric motors and generators, as well as power generating and distribution equipment. We also manufacture, remanufacture, and repair industrial lifting magnets, and provide maintenance and repair services for railroad main and auxiliary generators, main alternators, and traction motors. We serve steel, railroad, marine, petrochemical, pulp and paper, wind energy, mining, automotive, power generation, scrap yards, and utility industries.