FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MISCOR Group Announces Planned Relocation of Huntington Service Center

MASSILLON, April 7, 2012— Magnetech Industrial Services, Inc. (Magnetech), a wholly owned subsidiary of MISCOR Group, and leader in the repair and maintenance of commercial and industrial electro-mechanical equipment, today announced plans for relocation of its Huntington, W.Va. service center. The newfacility, also located within Huntington, will be equipped with increased crane capacity and improved electrical
testing capabilities, allowing for additional production capacity and overall improvement in workflow.

The new facility is expected to be completed and in operation by September of this year. Magnetech’s Huntington service center specializes in the repair of locomotive rotating components for domestic and international class-I and light railroads, as well as electric motors and generators for various industries, including petrochemical, steel, plastic, utilities and automotive. In May 2009, this service center achieved Association of American Railroads M-1003 quality certification.

MISCOR Group’s investment in this new facility will enhance its ability to support the needs of customers and improve the quality and reliability of service. Most notably, the working space footprint will increase from 28,000 square feet in the current facility to 42,500 square feet, allowing for a complete redesign of work processes to improve efficiency.

Major improvements to electrical testing capabilities will include installation of a 4,160-volt and 120-amp test center, nearly doubling the testing capabilities as compared to the current facility. In addition, substantial improvements in the overhead crane systems will be made with the installation of two new, top-running, double-girder crane systems, each with 64-foot spans. The new facility will also have twelve base-mounted jib cranes with up to 12-foot beams and two base-mounted transfer cranes, providing the latest in safety and efficiency ratings.

“The Huntington service center has a long history of providing exceptional service
to both the railroad and industrial markets. This new expansion will allow us to meet and exceed customer agreements and expectations,” remarked Michael P. Moore, President and CEO of MISCOR Group. ” This relocation plays a pivotal role in our ability to invest in growth initiatives, while continuing to strengthen our commitment of quality service to our customers. We are proud to make this investment in Magnetech’s future so that we can be part of our customers’ futures.”